Breakfast of a special kind at us at Bichl


Why a copy when you can have the original.

Breakfast with us at the Bichl has been the absolute highlight for years. The raw materials all come from the region and are processed into a breakfast of the special class

Andrea knows how to create a palate and eye foam like few others.

 Our sourdough bread, the jams and herbal spreads, the fried meat, yogurt, the Gugelhupf, everything homemade.The butter, the eggs and the fruit come from suppliers in close proximity.

It is not for nothing that we are an excellent AMA gourmet region catering business and in the meantime for the sixt time in a row

Gault & Milau awarded.
In addition to the quality offered, it is of course also the location that makes a breakfast with us at the Bichl so unique.

Whether on our sun terrace or in the cozy parlors. Both are very special.

So it can happen that you forget the time and such a breakfast extends beyond noon into the afternoon.

It is important for us to mention that we serve everything to the table. So you can sit comfortably and you are not constantly on the road to help yourself to the buffet.

Of course, we make sure that there is always enough at the table.

Due to the peculiarity of our breakfast, we offer this only upon prior reservation.

Preferably early as we only have a limited number of places available.